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Die Farm


Herdade da Mata has about 740 ha. Around 200 breeding cows graze with their calves all year round in extensive fields, the animals are used to adapting to the high summer temperatures and the cold winter. Whenever possible we avoid medicines, the calves are born without external help and grow up with their mothers in the pastures until they are sold.

The whole farm is extensively and organically farmed.


A large part of our fields are Co2 neutral permanent grasslands, which are grazed regularly and only need to be replanted every 5-6 years. In this way, we avoid annual ploughing and protect our soils and the ecosystem.


A group of thirty cows belongs to the Garvonesian breed. The animals of this breed are carefully controlled and selected by us according to the specific criteria of the breed.


Garvonesas are a very old Portuguese breed, unfortunately, threatened by extinction. We are proud to have contributed to the preservation of this breed during the last 15 years.


With our two irrigating systems (pivots), we can irrigate 45ha and produce additional fresh fodder for our cows.

The water is pumped directly from our dam.


The dam is also home to many different species of birds, which can be observed from one of our observation stations.


In August large flocks of flamingos regularly visit for a few weeks. It is a unique experience to have these beautiful birds so close to us. 

With our solar system, we produce our own electricity, which we also use to charge our electric cars. 


For the past two years, bees have also been populating the Herdade da Mata, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and producing delicious organic honey.

The Miranda donkeys are also part of Herdade da Mata, not only because they are also endangered, but also because they are extremely friendly animals.

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