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What could be more obvious than breeding the noble Lusitano horses in this beautiful Alentejo landscape? This special breed of horses fascinated us from day one and so we decided to start a selective breeding programme with carefully selected mares and stallions. 

Our foals grow up in freedom, but are always in daily contact with us humans. This results in a familiarity between man and horse, which is extremely valuable for the development of the horses’s character and for their later work.


Our competent team, led by Carlos Branquinho, are constantly with our horses from the day they are born, through training and competitions. In this way, we can deliver to their future owners horses of great confidence, great character and trained by professionals.

"The Lusitano stallion "Henry" has been with us for three years and the time with him is simply wonderful. He is a totally fearless and very self-confident stallion. With his charm and his good gaits, he takes to the hearts of die-hard dressage riders warmblood by storm and announces his breed everywhere.

Henry is definitely a stroke of luck for us and we couldn't have found a better horse!!!  Thank you, Barbara and Georg!"

 - Susanne Eichacker, owner "Henry"

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